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Natalia is an amazing instructor, she had helped me from not knowing any form of singing techniques at all, to using my voice not just for singing, but as a tool to better myself as a vocalist. She helped me really visualize what I needed to do and work on to accomplish my feats to further myself as a singer.

VOCAL – Ryan McClung (sings in several bands in the lower mainland)

Natalia teaching is fantastic because it clear to understand and she makes sure everything is correct before the end of the lesson. She encourages students to perform in public (like maria’s opus) and build skills like getting over stage fright. She tries to make students feel that they have the chance to be a musician and a performer. She makes them to be hard workers because that hard work pays off to be a better musician. You give tips and technique which help us a lot. She also teaches through past experience (for example, when She told me to curl my thumb finger because her mother, her teacher, told HER and how her sound changed as a result). Not only hast she taught about piano, she talks about composers during their piano lessons. And she spends time with us (for example bringing students to symphonies, Maria’s Opus, glee club, contacting on facebook) to make students feel comfortable and contacting is KEY. She taught students technique is most important thing to playing. She is intelligent that she could fix something that is wrong, for example when you found out that I wasn’t using a metronome and when you find mistakes in the symphonies.

PIANO – Sarah Doung (Completed her Gr 10 RCM with Honours and Silver Medalist at Kiwanis Festival)

I’ve been studying with Natalia via Skype for almost a year. I really wish I lived closer but Skype will have to do. Not only is she has a strong understand of advance piano repertoire, she knows the technique and how to share it. She also take the extra time to give me extra material that I would not have access to. If you are serious about learning the piano, Natalia Pardalis is the teacher for you.

PIANO – Steve Lee

Natalia Pardalis is an amazing teacher. She’s been my voice teacher for about three years and I’ve learned so much and I’ve made a lot of progress. She taught my little sister who was 8 at the time, she was hyperactive and it took a lot of effort to get her to focus. Natalia had patience with Katy and got her to focus. She’s amazing with kids!

PIANO & VOCAL – Mirandaa Lee Vierecc (Gold Medalist at Kiwanis Festival)

When my teen son told me that he wanted to take piano lessons, I was kind of hesitant about how that would go: I suspected it would be all about the teacher and their approach towards teaching a youth with no previous experience. But we were lucky and it was Natalia who to this date has managed to keep him interested; and has exposed him to different types of music that otherwise he probably would not have been. She has been really encouraging and accessible; and I am very happy that she has been an important part of my son’s education.

PIANO – Larissa Ramos (Max is now a music producer)

Natalia is a great piano instructor who is helpful to her students. She always gives constructive feedback which allows her students to improve.

PIANO – Tina Bui

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