Understanding the difference between personal and community involement …

February 12, 2018

This weekend after trying to create a challenge and dialogue among artists in a non profit, I’ve realized that that sometimes there is a lack of understanding of the difference...

This weekend after trying to create a challenge and dialogue among artists in a non profit, I’ve realized that that sometimes there is a lack of understanding of the difference and purpose betwen personal and community involvement so I was inspired to write this blog post.

So regardless if you part of a non profit or just an individual artist – it is important to understand the two and in turn balance the two.

Personal Involvement

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This is something that personally only benefits you … so what do I mean …

It means that the purpose isn’t about building your brand. So example since a non profit inspired this blog let’s use it as an example – so you create an event that isn’t open to the public – it is only for its members and their direct associates – this is a personal involvement – even if you might receive outside funding – the purpose of the event is to benefit only its members and assoicates. If the greater community is generally unaware, cannot be part of the event, and it doesn’t increase brand awareness (confused about the purpose of brand awareness of what it is– hit me up or/and here’s a great article about it for small business but remember all these reasons apply for an individual artist/non profit/not-for-profit as well) then this is personal.

Brand Awareness

Another example – if you are an artist and you have a concert by invite only and only your existing audience is invited – this is personal. Bandcamp and other sites like that utilize this style … so on bandcamp your existing following can join your subscription and will receive something that the greater community cannot receive unless they join too. This is a style of marketing – exclusivity marketing – which is often use in luxury product lines. If an artist or non profit builds their branding larger enough – it is a great way to give back to those are loyal to you and give a reason for individuals to follow you or join your group – you are giving them something for their loyalty and/or membership. It is very necessary to do so as why would someone want to be part of your movement if they didn’t get to part of the narrative. I would hesitate to focus only this style of marketing in the art world as at the end of the day – it is the creation of a demand and supply market. It will limit your growth.


Community Involvement

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At the end of the day – everything you do as an artist (non profit/not for profit) benefits you but with community involvement it also benefits others and yup you got it – builds your brand

So how can this play out ….

Maybe as an artist you partner up with a not-for-profit and do a series of fundraisers for them. You are giving back to the greater community and you are introduced to a new market which will benefit you somehow. Now more people might buy your new album or maybe will join your subscription. It builds your branding in a direct way that will also benefit the greater good. You are giving back to the community that supports you (or hopefully will support you).

What would this look in a non profit – very simple – it isn’t about members only. So maybe it is joining up with a not-for-profit or a 3rd party to create an event that benefits the community directly. These kinds of events increase awareness’ about your brand and help your grow your membership. Again you are giving back and naturally it is benefiting yourself as well.

When I was just starting Pardalis Studio, a local business owner gave me some great advice regarding collaboration with not-for-profits or community events and this is what he told me; “There are so many worthy causes out there and they all need help so find one that you can help that will also benefit you in turn.” For some time I felt guilty about approaching community involved in this direction but I decided that it is a great way to approach it because of branding – if my branding and 3rd party’s branding is good mix – it isn’t just benefiting me – it will benefit them even more in return

So what should an artist or non profit do?
You need to do a mix of both to create synergy.

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What is Synergy? It is when there is a mutual advantage in collaboration for parties to create an enhanced result. So regardless if you are an artist, bussiness owner, non profit, or not for profit — you need to have a balance of the two (personal and community ) to grow and maintain your platform.

I recently watch a great video that explain this for artists but remember all of these points would work any business, non profit and not for profit.

(sorry have to be on FB to watch it)


To conclude — why do we need to build branding — well to paraphrase Gary Vaynerchuk  (haha wondered when I’d mention him?) — He was asked recently on twitter to write a book on sales, this is what he said,  “here you go, build your brand so you don’t have to sell”

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