The Secret Garden of Suzi Kory

April 22, 2019

Recently on the dark tunnel that is YouTube, I discovered an artist who also had a single called “Secret Garden” — after listening/watching, I thought I’d would hit up Suzi...

Recently on the dark tunnel that is YouTube, I discovered an artist who also had a single called “Secret Garden” — after listening/watching, I thought I’d would hit up Suzi Kory and find out more about her song and her other songs.  Hope you enjoy the interview ….

1. I see we both have a song called “Secret Garden” — what inspired
this song for you?

In 2016, The Tragically Hip broke the news that their lead singer Gord Downie had been diagnosed with glioblastoma. Following a serious of events, I came to be introduced to the band during this time and became friends with one of the band members. Through our discussions during their final tour, I was given a unique perspective on what it meant to be part of a unit that essentially has defined your identity since youth and knowing it is in the process of changing. It forces you to redefine and rediscover who you are as an individual entity.

Although the song was initially inspired by this event, it took on a more personal meaning in that I found myself doing my own soul-searching in trying to discover my true purpose and passion in life. In the process, I discovered that self-love is what leads us to our true selves.

2. I really enjoyed your music video for “pretty little things” Tell us
all about it?

The original idea was to shoot the video in Nashville, but I changed my plans because I wanted a West Coast ‘hippie’ kind of feel to the video. This is why I changed the location to Pacific Palisades and Santa Monica.A studio in Burbank was used to shoot the ‘performance’ scenes with the band.

The whole idea behind the song is that it very autobiographical and the video truly depicts that. I have actually camped out next to the ocean in Malibu in a flatbed truck and loved it ! A really simple way to live, but there is nothing more magical than watching the moonlight to the sound of crashing ocean waves and waking up to a glorious sunrise ! The scene at the Santa Monica Peir was completely unrehearsed. I walked along the pier and interacted with random people, so what you see is real !

At first the director, Zane was hesitant to have it be so spontaneous, but when we were done even he agreed we had some pretty cool footage that allowed me to be true to who I am in real life !

I was also very excited to have Dave Moreno and Matt Fuller (drums and guitar respectively) from Puddle of Mudd, as well as Ben White on bass as my band in the video. Dave Moreno actually played drums on the track so I was happy to have him play in the actual video. Dave, Matt and Ben were amazing ! We had such fun time shooting those scenes and there was an immediate chemistry that it only took four takes and we were done. In fact, the director believed they were my actual band !

3. What inspired you to become a singer?

As a child I was constantly singing around the house, but it wasn’t until I was in my teens that I discovered Axl Rose and was inspired to want to become a performer. Growing up in a very strict Middle Eastern household, this wouldn’t be an accepted career option. I would end up moving to the Middle East and raising two boys as I worked my way up the corporate ladder.

It wasn’t until I moved back to Canada a few years ago and a fateful meeting with my idol Axl Rose that my passion to perform would be reignited and I would begin following the path I am currently on.

Although this started out as a need to fulfill my own passion to perform, it has evolved into wanting to write music that inspires and touches people’s souls.

4. Where can we find you online?

You can find my full bio, music, videos and photos on my website Alternatively, these are my social media links:






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