January 22, 2018

In a time when live venues are closing … I was excited to hear about the new live music space The Flamingo and that our very own Clayton Brown (he...

In a time when live venues are closing … I was excited to hear about the new live music space The Flamingo and that our very own Clayton Brown (he is our producer and enginner at Pardalis Studio) and his band Stereo Anthems would be playing there.

The Flamingo in the 1950s photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/45379817@N08/7551456970

A little history of this location for those who don’t know …. So it was a strip joint – yup you got it! And as someone who lives in Whalley, I felt it really brought down the neighbourhood. It was an eye sore for years. I remember working across the street at my old marketing job and saw it sadly bring out the worse in some people. When it closed, it was good news to me. It was a shame really as I remember being told that in 50s, it was a swanky  hotel with great live music venue and that people would drive from all over to see the shows. It must have been a cool sight to see with all those winged vintage cars out front.

The Flamingo is destined for demolition in about 5 or 6 years but until it happens — The Penmmar Community Arts Society has taken over The Flamingo – turning the old Byrd into a live venue space for all different genres. They are focused on developing tools and programs that address the needs of touring musicians and music industry support workers in order to build sustainable living wages within the music sector. So a space not only supporting live music but also making sure artists receive living wages for their hard work. I can’t imagine a better plan for Surrey BC. I really hope though that when the condos are built, the ground floor can continue to house The Flamingo.

photo credit: NPP

So you are all wondering …. What was the show like? Enough philosophising already ….

The Stereo Anthems photo credit: NPP

I really enjoyed the show. Of course I especially enjoyed The Stereo Anthems’ set. I have been watching The Stereo Anthems from their early days and have to say I really proud. Just great song writing and tight rhythms. Clayton Brown’s ability to spin lyrics is very impressive. I had heard quite a few of their songs in acoustic setting but never got to hear them how they were meant to be. I hear great things for these guys!

As well, on the bill was as solid set from Out of the Nowhere, and instrumentally driven Utility Providers. The headliner were Juno Nominee Band Head (no pun intended) I thoroughly enjoyed their sound … amazing vocals and a psychedelic almost blue feel to their set. As one of Clayton’s guest described it perfectly – it was a the music of Circ Du Soleil. It was spell binding to watch and listen.  I would love to see them in a larger venue with some circus acts to create a bigger spell.

Looking forward to seeing more shows at the old Byrd …. #surreycentralmusic

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