Super Bowl’s Half Time Show – one eccentric artist’s random thoughts

February 3, 2020

So Super Bowl? Some of you have dropped me a line asking what I thought. It was also the first time that I actually watched the game as I was...

So Super Bowl? Some of you have dropped me a line asking what I thought. It was also the first time that I actually watched the game as I was enticed by Buffalo wings and a meat feast which I must say was delicious. I normally watch the half time show the day after. Not going to lie, I still don’t quite get the game but I was reminded of the scene in the TV show Friends where Rachel sings a particular song and dances her child to sleep so I may have enjoyed myself. Those players are quite attractive but in all seriousness, so I have so much respect to those athletes who strive for more.

So here’s my thoughts:


Many are stating this is a huge step in the right direction as it was the first time that Latin women headlined. I understand that it was a struggle to get there as the ladies weren’t the first choice of the producers. I also question why they had also had Bad Bunny and J. Ballin (which we weren’t told about before the performance but at least they both have Latin backgrounds). I was a little annoyed to see them – why should two world famous performers have to share the stage with them? They received a little more focus that I believe was necessary. If I’m wearing my producer hat, I would say that they were there to “help” and considering the producers didn’t originally want the ladies? What was going on? What was that all about?

It is also sad that it took 100 years for Latin women to lead the show. And considering they had the two male performers to “help”, I can’t help but feel somehow slightly disappointed. But maybe I’m wrong but why weren’t we told before that they would sharing the stage with the ladies?


I’m not a dancer but I’ve been friends with dancers all my life and secretly wish I could dance (Confession time haha I can barely Greek dance lol). I do believe that JLo’s dancing was quite interesting especially with her bringing pole dancing into main stream society but Shakira did nothing original, I’ve watched many of her live performances over the years and they were quite similar (in fact some were more original). Perhaps, one could focus on that fact that Shakira is 43 years old and JLo is 50 years old (and yes they may have inspired to stop skipping the gym lol), but for me, it just didn’t feel enough. For me anyhow, I believe that we should be all striving toward health so we aren’t limited by age.

I do believe that most of the spectacular was created through a sexual lens and for many they didn’t like it. I’ve read many parents comment on social media that they didn’t feel comfortable with their kids watching and for many feminists, they worried that after we have accomplished so much in creating more of an equality between humans – it took us back. Regardless of that for me, my wow was they can still do that at that age but was that enough?

Personally, I wasn’t satisfied. I would have liked to see something I wouldn’t have seen at their shows as I believe from my knowledge what they did is quite similar to their live shows. I wanted something more.

Back to politics, it was an interesting decision to bring the children out in “pods” to criticize the child camps that are currently happening in both Canada and US (though not sure they were aware it is happening here too). It was a sudden flip in the performance and many said it wasn’t completely thought out. I believe in my opinion, is that we like to wear rose coloured glasses as a society and then often our focus is our sexuality and age but the cold reality is that the world isn’t that great place yet but we are often quite narcissistic as a society. We don’t always want to see the evils of the world, in fact I read one article that said there shouldn’t be a political lens by these artists. But our job as artists is observe, reflect and influence society. Perhaps that was their story arch? If so then, Bravo but I can’t say for sure but if it was and as this point was lost on many – were they successful? As performers, we go into a performance with a check list of what will make it successful.

Also makes me question ….

Are we that dumb as a society? Or did something get lost in translation? Or am I completely wrong? But remember these are my random ramblings ….


Many of my vocal friends were criticized for saying that said it was a complete failure and from that perspective – I do agree – it was a complete failure. All the performers (except Demi singing the anthem) did not sing live.

Regardless of why and for this debate I don’t think it matters, the point is two famous singers didn’t not sing live at a performance. If a singer can’t sing live – it is a vocal failure so I would have to say that this was a dance performance not a vocal performance. Both of the performers did start out as dancers first so maybe they felt more comfortable that way? Or did they have a choice? Could they have done it? We can only speculate.

I must say, I did enjoy Shakira’s drumming – now that was cool. I had totally forgot she plays the guitar and drums.

A few years ago, I was in awe of Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl. It was hugely outside of the box and except for the part on the roof, (don’t blame her for not singing live there lol) everything else was live. So it can be done as many people have stated that it is difficult to do a multi-media performance live outdoors.

Now let’s take a moment to discuss the powerhouse performance of Demi Lovato’s American National Anthem (now that girl can belt). It was so even, powerful, and just well thought out riffs. As well, I’m so happy to see she is doing so much better health wise.

Lastly, JLo’s daughter vocals seem to have a rather musical theatre in its belt approach (which I enjoyed very much) esp on that really high note. It was quite an interesting switch of sound from the other two ladies, so now the question is would she have been able to to do it live too? But I know I would have ran off stage crying at her age so was quite in awe there. Many are saying she stole the performance and I agree 100%.


So that’s the thoughts from one eccentric artist lol and I think now that I know that there is the option of Buffalo wings during the Super Bowl, I may make just to make sure I have time to participate in this annual event.


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