Powerlifting and Practicing

December 15, 2017

As many of you know, this past year I have fallen in love with powerlifting — after being in chronic pain for many years – it has been literally the...

As many of you know, this past year I have fallen in love with powerlifting — after being in chronic pain for many years – it has been literally the only thing that has helped me heal but a long the way I’ve learnt a few things that will help any serious minded musician.

Athletes have training down to a science and it has made me realized that as musicians most of us don’t have any understanding of training for music. I always thought I had a good understanding – I have to learn these pieces in x amount of time and so I go to work. But I realize that I really haven’t been using my time efficiently or effectually.

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So what’s the secret …. Keeping track of what have done and where and when you are getting somewhere:

1. Make a six-week plan with your mentor or teacher. You should have clear understanding of what you should accomplish each day.
2. Keep track in a note book of each day of what you have accomplished and failed at.
3. Check in with your mentor or teacher every couple of days – just a few words of what is working and what isn’t
4. Video tape yourself — you can check technique and emotion so much easier.  Share your failures and accomplishments on social media. One thing I’ve really noticed with powerlifters is their lack of ego. Didn’t make a lift or did it wrong? They share and why they messed — it’s about the journey. In music we have this sense of ego over errors. We feel that we have to hid them because if we show ouvolunerbilities it means that we  aren’t talented or something.
5. Don’t feel that you are failing when you can’t meet goals – it is about understanding where you are and slowly getting towards your goal.
6. Find a support group of other musicians who can help you reach your goals. Through powerlifiting, I have met so many amazing people who will check in, encourage and share their stories with me. (Message me if you are looking for a practice community)
7. Visualization is so important – take a couple minutes before bed and visualize you finishing your goals. Your brain will remember and help you work through blocks in the night.
8. Lastly, remember that it is a long term progress – a life time pursuit – it happens slowly. But little bricks become bigger bricks and so forth.

Hope these ideas help — these ideas that my trainer Caroline (if you are looking for an amazing coach – let me know she’s is soo good!) has taught me – I wish I had known these many years ago when training musically.

Worried that it wouldn’t work musically? I’ve been incorporating them into my musical training and I’m accomplishing a lot more than I have ever before.

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