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January 10, 2012

“The problem with Youth today….” I’ll never forget – when I was about 14 years old, I tried to open the door for a senior who told me not to...

“The problem with Youth today….”

I’ll never forget – when I was about 14 years old, I tried to open the door for a senior who told me not to bother and that  told me “you teenagers are all the same — troublemakers!” Me being the sensitive teenager — started bawling! But it started my philosophy of  somehow to change the mind set of some that believe teens are trouble makers. Most youth that end up getting into trouble do so because they do not have a place to be inspired and grow! I believe that through the arts — this is a place!

Proud to introduce our new mission statement …….

Pardalis Music Studio’s Mission Statement 

Pardalis Music Studio is a personal comfortable environment where students are encouraged to find their own voices in music and to go beyond their “best”. This will by accomplished by tailoring a personal program to create the complete musician through the study of ear training, technique, musicianship, performance, confidence and self-expression”

“I cannot teach anybody anything; I can only make them think”  Socrates

Youth Blog

One way that we will be helping youth accomplish their goals is by encouraging our older students to write for our blog! We are proud to introduce our 1st blog by a student who wishes to remain anonymous at this time. In the coming months, we will inviting youth to write about their different experiences in life and music!  These blogs could be video, written, or combination. If you are interesting in creating a blog — email me at

Our 1st blog is about a student who has been bullied! I am looking foward to hearing your responses to this 1st blog! 🙂

Recovering from Bullying ….. 

Bullying for me wasn’t really physical, it was more verbal. People would say I am deaf, born mentally retarded or can’t speak English. I was quiet, didn’t talk at all and I had this phobia that everybody would think I am weird. I ended up socially awkward so I guess that’s why people making fun of me. I was smaller and different than everybody else. It was hard for me to make friends around that time because it was just hard for me to say something without being paranoid. I told my parents about it and they said to wait, things will be better in time. They strongly believed in karma.

Years passed, I finally knew how to make some friends. I still get called racist slurs but all I did was ignore. It still bother me today but I kept quiet because it as not worth it. I told Natalia (my piano teacher) about it and she made me realize that they are weaker than me, they pick on somebody else to make them “feel” stronger. I thought it over again and tried to forget about it…I focus in what I need to do and want to do with my life.

I know this may not sound too much bullying but it damaged my self esteem. Nobody wants to hear these kind of words about them. If you are going through this, listen to yourself – you know yourself better than they do.

For those who are severely bullied, don’t show fear and don’t show that you are annoyed by them. You are born for a reason so live it. You may heard suicides because of bullying but DON’T DO IT! It is not worth it because you only have one chance to live on earth!

– anonymous


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