Our public school teachers

February 28, 2012

A question that people often ask me is, “why don’t you teach in the public schools? You would be an amazing high school teacher.” My answer, “POLICICS!!” I really identify...

A question that people often ask me is, “why don’t you teach in the public schools? You would be an amazing high school teacher.” My answer, “POLICICS!!”

I really identify with teachers,who like Angela Marcakis, became a teacher because she wants “to make a difference because children are brilliant and it just brings me such joy to work with them.” I always remember taking an education class where I learnt many people don’t hold that view about education. The term assignment was creating a year long assignments teaching all the subjects through music. I created a fun interactive year of learning of different cultures using music and art. I received a C+ with the explication that although it was creative and institutive, I went beyond the music curriculum requirements. When I answered that I covered the curriculum requirements and also wanted to challenge the youth in music. The answer, “you don’t want to challenge the kids too much because it wasn’t fair to the next teacher who would have to work harder” From what I can tell this attitude is shared by many in the powers that be. Why else would the government not want to take care of their teachers? Maybe if they do, the next government will have to work harder?

Did you know that in 2008 the provincial government gave themselves a 43% salary increase because they ranged 10th in the country for salaries? They claimed it was because if they paid their people so little they wouldn’t get the best of the best. Did you know that BC teachers rank 9th in salaries in Canada? Hmmmm how can we give our youth the best of the best to educate them?

43% increase

I can’t understand how they could give themselves such a big raise but don’t care about anyone else. I understand some of the police force also got a raise. Maybe if we took care of our teachers better, they could take better care of our youth and in turn there would be less crime. Instead teachers are overworked and so many things are missed by them. I don’t know how many of my music students come to me for help in their other subjects.  Is it a music teacher’s job to teach a child how to read English?

There are complains that teachers have an “only me” attitude – I don’t know but dear BC government a 43% raise increase is a “ME” attitude. I think BC needs a change if you ask me.

I think we forgot what our founders of Canada did to provide a universal education system for all regardless of age, sex, or culture. Many of my students’ parents are telling me that they are seriously considering taking a 2nd part time job so they can send their kids to private school. So is our government saying the rich only deserve an education? Ya, let’s forget the past.

John F Kennedy was so right when he said, “Modern cynics and sceptics… see no harm in paying those to whom they entrust the minds of their children a smaller wage than is paid to those to whom they entrust the care of their plumbing.”  (thanks Angela for that quote)

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