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January 5, 2018

So this is my experience with streaming music online …. As some of you know due to record label issues I had removed my 1st studio album Life off streaming...

So this is my experience with streaming music online ….

As some of you know due to record label issues I had removed my 1st studio album Life off streaming sites. In fact it is only available on Bandcamp and in person from me – why long story – one if you ever want to sit down at Starbucks – I’d love to share as it changed my life as a professional artist. Good lessons for anyone wanting to be a professional artist.
But anyhoo – for my live studio album “I’m in love with Fairytales” (be sure to take a listen ;))

I decided to put that album everywhere – you name it and through it I’ve tried to see how maybe I make a little. Yes, strange concept for an artist lol

What I have concluded?

Lol I have a love/relationship with all online streaming service. Why?

So why do I love it …

1. Everyone needs it – why because as technology continues to grow, people are buying less and less physical albums, less iTunes and choose to pay (or free if they’re like me and are willing to put with ads) for a streaming service. It makes life easy, as you can save playlists and play it anywhere even without the internet (paying customers only). Sooo basically you have all the hit records in the world without really doing anything … in our lazy overworked society – we like this. So it means that it is easier to get your music into the hands of your fans (in theory)

2. Unlike when someone purchase your album where you only get paid once, this is a unlimited (in theory ) stream of income. So basically if I can convince my fans to listen to my music a lot – I can make money. And o’course the more fans I have – the more plays. Yes that’s why Taylor Swift put her music back online.
3. If I can get on popular playlists, my music will be introduced to thousand of new fans who wouldn’t ever find my music. So as ABBA says … Image result for abba money money gif

So what do I hate it? Haha


1. The very reason that it could work – it could also not work. If you have an older audience – they won’t be into this but rather download (maybe) or even purchase the hard copy (wow does this happen anymore). Either way, it is a lot of work constantly reminding your audience to listen.
2. It is hard to get on playlists – why? well spotify has their own artists — ya in a lot way they are kind like a record label. Something they don’t really tell the public. Ya, those random artists that have songs that sound familiar but aren’t? Mostly likely their artists. So they don’t really want to promote you but rather the artist who they invested in. Makes sense! Smart move on their part – for you not so much lol
3. Can you get on a popular playlist – there are ways (hit me up as I finally figured that out). It isn’t easy but you can do it.
So having said should indi artist put their music on streaming website? Yes why?
You never know – I can’t find which #askgaryvee show it is but Gary advised an artist to be on every single platform because you never know. Look at many popular YouTube artists – they had that one song that became popular and then built a whole career around but if you look at their platforms – 99% constantly kept releasing new material

So in the words of Gary Vaynerchuk

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