How to opening doors in the music industry from Royal and just some great tunes!

February 1, 2018

Just had a lovely conversation with Canadian artist Jodi Pederson from  Royal. She shared some great stories from her career in music as well as some great tips on opening...

ROYALPhoto1.jpegJust had a lovely conversation with Canadian artist Jodi Pederson from  Royal. She shared some great stories from her career in music as well as some great tips on opening doors in the industry.

Jodi has been a professional artist for over 10 years, as she was scooped up by Lenz Entertainment Publishing at only 18 years old and she was able to record her first album in Toronto. Although she is self-taught for the most part, she was able to taken vocal lessons in her twenties where she found it very helpful to learn more technical elements of vocal performance, such as correct breathing and overall vocal health. “Before that, I would buy an Adele, Paramore, Billie Holiday, Sarah MacLachlan (etc.) CD, someone with a good vocal range and technique, and would sing along to that CD over and over until I could run the same trills and hit the same notes.” Jodi shared: “I learnt harmonies by singing with my two sisters, and my parents were a great influence with the wide range of variety of music that was played in our house growing up.”

I asked Jodi was her first gig was and this is what she shared:
“I am very fortunate to have grown up in an incredibly supportive town. I believe my first professional gig was performing at the Canada Day celebration in my hometown of Vernon, BC. It was an audience of over three hundred people, and one of the most terrifying and happy experiences of my life.” What a great story – not everyone has the opportunity to jump into head first in the industry—what a great start.

I asked Jodi how she was able to get some doors open and she’d shared this great story – good tips for any artist just starting out ….

“I had begun a relationship with one of the local radio stations, and the general manager of that station took a special interest in my music. I did this by visiting the station with Tim Hortons doughnuts and goofy handmade holiday cards, sitting down with anyone who had time to speak with me, and getting to know them all on a personal level. I cannot stress enough how important it is to grow relationships with people in the music industry. I was an extremely shy person, (and still am, just better at hiding it now) so my wonderful mom helped me gain these contacts. She’s possibly the most people woman inside and out, in the world, so it definitely helps to have a person like that in your life who supports you one hundred percent, and will play “mom-a-ger” when you need it!”

Exciting news for Jodi – she is working on her Factor Funded album with incredibly talented Luca Fogale. She said that Luca is the perfect partner in helping it all come to life and is beyond excited as it took her many years to craft her sound. Jodi started her career as a folk pop artist, but has grown in to a dark, cinematic, dream pop style of music. She is also frequently working with electronica artists from around the world on different collaborations, writing and performing on their tracks.

So where can we find you Jodi?

“You can listen to my last two singles, “Wild” and “City Lights”, as well as first folk pop album “Seasons” (under my real name Jodi Pederson). I’ve even thrown a couple remixes out there. It’s all available online for download and streaming. My new album will be released in just a few months, so stay tuned for a release date! Check out my social media pages If you want any speak peaks, or behind the scenes footage of the making of, “Heart of Shadows”. Thank you!”

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