Her Brothers — a family affair

January 7, 2019

A while back, I got to sit down with Vancouver’s Her Brothers, a trio of three brothers and got to talk about their music. They have a distinct sound, a...

A while back, I got to sit down with Vancouver’s Her Brothers, a trio of three brothers and got to talk about their music. They have a distinct sound, a lively, refined pop taking inspiration from a mix of styles and traditions. With a core of alt-rock, the band fuses elements from 90s pop-punk, 80s dance and R&B, and old soulful jams.  They have been playing quite a few shows around town so be sure to go check them out.

1.Tell me about your band — what style etc?

As a band we mostly play alternative pop rock/new wave material with a 90’s punk energy. As a band we’ve always aimed to be Socratic lyrically and as honest as we can be in our music. We all listen to such different stuff that it’s sometimes funny how we even manage to get together and play into a cohesive sound but the differences certainly make it all the more interesting. For us as a band, a value we hold is certainly authenticity when it comes to our music (being in the pop realm, this sometimes leaves some people with a bad taste in their mouth). We used to be a very punk/hard rock band called Poppy and the Pistols, but we eventually felt we wanted our music to be a bit more accessible on a larger scale so the sound has definitely evolved over the years. The music may be different but the soul has always remained the same. Whether it be singing about the politics of our country or the poetics of the heart it’s always been about human experience and what that means to us individually and collectively. It’s about connection.

2. How long have u guys been playing together?

We’ve been playing together as a band for about 13 years. Although we’ve only been playing as Her Brothers for the past 4 years.

3. Do you guys have an album out? If so where can people find it?

We do. Our first album She can be found on iTunes, Spotify and basically anywhere else that you can find music. Our new album Tribe came out November 5th and will available everywhere. In the meantime we have 3 singles out now along with music videos for each: Human, Wake Up and Stay.

4. As many of our readers are just starting out in the music industry — what kind of advice could you guys offer them?

This may be cliche, but … be yourself – ALWAYS. Especially in this industry, there are so many opinions flying at you from every direction and it’s easy to lose sight of what makes you, you. If you’re not a mainstream pop artist, don’t try to be. If you want to play in a metal band, do that.

It looks like they also have a new music video coming out on Jan 14th – looks very cool! Love their little teaser

photo by Emilia Orren

They also have a show on February 2nd at Venue. Be sure to buy your tickets early


Be sure to add them on Facebook: /https://www.facebook.com/herbrothersband/

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