Heathes – an artist to watch out for

January 16, 2020

I’m always on the hunt to find artists who step out of the box to try to create something different. Recently, my friend Amrik Singh sent me an artist that...

I’m always on the hunt to find artists who step out of the box to try to create something different. Recently, my friend Amrik Singh sent me an artist that he manages and I knew I needed to learn more about her.

Be sure to listen!

“Where does the name Heathes come from?”

Well I decided I didn’t want to use my real name for this aspect of me, but I wanted it to be an extension of myself if I could. My middle name is Heather. My parents gave me the middle name Heather as a more feminized rendition of my mother’s family name Heath. It’s definitely a prairie thing, but a Heath is a term used in farming to describe….basically a barren wasteland; which sounds super morbid I know; but in context it describes an area of land where only sturdy plants can grow because the condition of the land is so harsh. Heather is one of these. I liked the idea of being named after something beautiful and strong that can flourish despite an unfavourable home ground. I made it Plural with an ‘es’ just to feminize it a little, like there is more than one of me.

“Tell us about yourself”

I never really know what kinds of things to talk about when I get asked that. I’ve always been the person who hates talking about themselves at parties. I’ve been a performer and/or some type of artist my whole life, I get into my head a lot when I’m creating, I’m kind of a loner. I was a dancer first, I started when I was about 3, and it was something I always did. I didn’t realize it at the time but it took up a lot of my life, I was just desperate to internalize music anyway I could. I also love the visual arts, painting and drawing and writing take up a lot of my brain space, and I do the occasional pop up gallery to feature my pieces. Music was sort of the last thing I picked up; I was never an overtly talented singer naturally, so I began as a songwriter. Ideally, since I wasn’t naturally inclined to this kind of art I guess I figured “well I might have a weird tone to my voice and I have zero knowledge about singing properly, but I’m a half decent poet so how do I make music with that skill set?” I didn’t actually write my first song until I was about 19, dragging my feet so it would seem. Hell I didn’t start vocal lessons until last year, man do they help though, if only someone had told me.

love the last line, vocal training is so important for singers! Also let us know if you have a pop up gallery.

“What are your influences”

I was sort of late getting into music, I don’t feel like was raised on any kind of in particular; parents with eclectic tastes; so I’m pretty genre-less. I’m head over heels for BANKS, she’s definitely one of my favourite artists, she has such a dark intuitive vibe and some of the best lyrics I’ve ever heard, and her voice suits the style perfectly, songs that just..get you… Also the hip hop influenced R&B has a place with me, gutty and brooding artists like The Weeknd and Miguel I get really into, there’s something very alluring about the way the fit melodies into pockets, I feel quite mindless and intoxicated when I listen to their music. I’m drawn to a lot of symphonic lyrical artists like Bon Iver, The 1975 and Maggie Rogers; just to name a few; My inspiration comes from people though, I read a lot and listen to a lot of music and watch a lot of movies. So I guess I’m always trying to be inspired by something.

love the diversity!

“ Tell us about the Inspirations for this EP”

Ideally, there would be something in it for everyone. However, lyrically all the songs are super personal. I wanted each song to be whatever it was gonna be, they are all different brain spaces I was going through at the time. Some are resentful, and some are nostalgic and dazed, others are confused and hormonal. They all started as poems I ripped straight from my Journal, all about specific nights or events or people. It was sort of like a personal vendetta with my teenage/ early adult self. Since I had it all written down and dated I sort of watched myself grow up through these entries, looking back at things that felt like the end of the world. Things I had sort of forgotten. So I titled the EP Chronicle, it being a compilation of things I had overcome and relearned better and more maturely over a period of time, yet they all told stories. That being said I relied really heavily on inspiration from a lot of lost relationships and misplaced trust and some sleepless nights and naivety to write these songs. They are all really just narratives made into music the best way that I knew how.

“Some might think swearing is unnecessary in music? Others disagree? What made you decide that swearing was necessary?”

Swearing unnecessarily is unnecessary. I’m not a big fan of songs that are all profanity and harsh syllables, when the song lacks any kind of reflection I think swearing is just empty aggression. However I think in some instances when the songs are that personal, just saying EXACTLY how you intended the statement to come across is important. You can use a medley of eloquent words to carve into lyrics that no one has said before, and make people really think about what you mean by it. Though I feel in some cases, it doesn’t make much sense to avoid the swearing, if you meant it…like really meant it… We can’t deny it, when we are angry or feeling hurt, this is how we talk, the words we use are less tactful and intelligent. So I think for the reality of these stories (derived from journal entries written by a young girl), having a good balance of poetic thought into narrating my feelings in style, mixed with an occasional reality check “ I’ve got all these metaphors that describe you perfectly, and I can paint a beautiful picture of this scenario without giving anything too vulnerable of myself away…but…”Fuck!….”. Like the feeling’s too strong to convert into an introspective thought. There’s a sort of emotional release in that, like coming to the end of a really long rant where you’ve run out of things to say and can finally let it go. It’s like a closing statement to an angry emotion. If that makes any sense, I don’t really know how to explain it, or why I felt it necessary. I just sort of said it, and I didn’t feel the need to take it back or hide the fact that I had an emotional slip up.

This is such a good explanation … I agree, swearing should be there if there is no other way to express or release that emotion.

“When is your next show?”

Working on that right now, this EP is a first release for me so I’m very excited to get a live set together so I can play some shows around it. So the shows are TBD. Right now I am also working on a handful of single projects following this EP, to be released early in the new year.
Let us know, so we can come out to one of your shows!

“where can we find you on social media?”

You can find me on instagram @iamheathes also on Twitter @iamheathes I pretty much hang out there all the time.

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