Getting Back into the Swing of things

January 4, 2018

The Christmas season seem to have just started but now we are back (or trying) to get back into our work’s schedules. Between family events and traveling during the break...

The Christmas season seem to have just started but now we are back (or trying) to get back into our work’s schedules.

Between family events and traveling during the break – I don’t know about you but practicing wasn’t my main focus. I rather would put on Bing Crosby’s Christmas Album and/or just enjoy my Egg Nog Latte. Light on Latte 😉 Image result for Christmas Latte

Now with getting ready for the launch of our update website ….. my energy doesn’t want to get me going … so how can I expect my students to get in on the hustling.

So thought I’d share some great tips of how to get back into the swing of practicing – both as a parent of a student and as an older music student.

Sooooo golden rule for anyone trying to get back into the swing ….. Don’t stretch yourself thin. One big issue for everyone is we become inspired with our New Year’s resolutions and go hard at it. We see this at the gym in January – people over work out so by February they burn out and stop working out. So remind yourself you have been taking it easy, you won’t have the energy to practice the way you did back in November and December.


1. If your child’s teacher uses flashcards – maybe switch roles with your child and try to answer them. Make it funny – making up silly answers so your child feels confident in their knowledge. We forget sometimes that children don’t feel confident because we are always correcting them.

2. Discuss with your child’s teacher but maybe you can purchase a popular music book. Movie themes are a great way for a child become excited to practice – suddenly they can play their favorite Star Wars Theme or the Superman Theme so something that they can connect with.

3. Make a fun “music video,” of your child playing. There are so many free apps for this now. My one student made a comical video where he played the James Bond Theme in little tux and then somehow the piano exploded. It was a cute way for little “James” to practice his piece and have something to show his friends and familly.

Image result for exploding piano

The point is – make music something that isn’t a chore but rather something beautiful that you share with your child



Advance Students:

1. So making a goal – like a YouTube video is great for you guys too. It gives you a deadline to produce something.

2. Look for local festivals – deadlines are coming up for them – this will be a great way to create something to work towards. If you are planning to do a RCM exam at the end of the school year, this is a great way to get a head start as well.  (Kiwanis Fraser Valley Festival is a good one)

3. Remember though not to overextend yourself – sit down with your teacher and make a feasible plan for practicing (I have written a lot of great tips on practice schedules so go through music education of my blog for tips). Or if you are not studying with a teacher – remember we offer online practice plans for musicians. Hit us up 
Finally just remember to enjoy what you are doing with your music —Image result for practice plan clipart

Happy Practicing!!!
Natalia P.

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