Election Results and Music

October 29, 2019

Strange title, wondering what I mean? Is this going a political driven blog? Nope! This is about party and personal branding behind the elections – things that probably effected your...

Strange title, wondering what I mean? Is this going a political driven blog?

Nope! This is about party and personal branding behind the elections – things that probably effected your decision at the poll but you may or may not have been aware of. I believe that it can give you ideas how to focus your branding and be able to accomplish more.

After the election results were announced – the question I kept seeing on social media was why the majority of Canadians voted for Trudeau even though it seemed that lots of had issues with his overall leadership the past four years and certain actions that happened in his personal life.

So these are my observations ….

Liberal Party Branding …
For a lot of Canadians, the official branding of the party overruled personal feelings they may have had about over the Trudeau. They believed that regardless of what our prime minister has or has not done – he hold certain ideals and beliefs that align with theirs. They believed (and really it doesn’t matter if you believe this or not –  that’s what people believed as that’s who they voted for) that due to branding that the Liberals would guarantee certain things that other parties could not. Is this true? Really only time will tell us but it was enough for a lot of Canadians to vote for the Liberals. The party has been very careful how they presented themselves on social media and in the media which has help solidified this position.

Personal Branding of Trudeau …
On the other hand, Trudeau has done two things since he enter the public eyes. He has continued the long line of family branding that his father had created and also made sure that he often separated his own branding from Mr. Trudeau the man versus Mr. Prime Minister. If you watch his social media, you will see obviously what he is doing as prime minister but also what he does in his day to day life. We all know about his “cool” socks – harmless – but very deliberate as it makes him human and connect him to our life. Be sure to watch interviews with him – somehow his socks are always shown and more than often mentioned. Even with his whole “black face”– he was able to turn around as he is this fun loving guy who likes to go all the way with costumes and accidently took it too far so had to be “forgiven.” Mr. Trudeau was very smart opening his meeting with Greta Thunberg with the public. She has a large loyal following in Canada which solidified his position to help climate control. Will he go through with long term? We shall see but for many Canadians it is very important for them and it helped cement his position.

He has also helped his wife create strong branding – sharing her posts on social media – her fashion, her blogging and her social media about her different causes and their family and how he discusses her to the media. All of this is deliberate for us to connect with her and their children. It also gives their whole family opportunities for the future – we want to know what they are up to and will continue to. On Saturday, my students were discussing WE DAY and how they were excited about for this year and how last year Madame Trudeau inspired them. Even when Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Canada, Madame Trudeau’s fashion was able to stand up to scrutiny next to the stylish Duchess something that for example our formal premier of BC Christy Clark was not able to do (replacement outfits had to sent in). This seems trivial and most people aren’t probably aware of it but even if they don’t know a lot about her – they know Madame Trudeau as this stylist woman with strong leadership, all of this is from what seems trivial but really cements Madame Trudeau’s branding. All this is deliberate – good or bad but it all led to the election’s results.

NDP Party Branding …
NDP party finally understood this late in the campaign and launched a very strong campaign and although it appeared that they were gaining more popularity – the bottom line proved otherwise. A lot of this was because of Mr. Singh who clearly understands both personal branding and party branding. I think it was brilliant they focused on Mrs. Singh as well. He focused on creating a strong media game but I believe it was too late in the game. Sometimes thought for me anyways, it felt like “we are better than everyone” though and I didn’t like that.

Personal Branding of Singh …
This man clearly understands the 21st Century and how to maneuver himself in the internet world. He launch a perfect campaign on every level – from teaching us about his culture more to helping us realize that not all Canadians have clean water. He seems to be continue his building his branding on social media but many NDP candidates who did not win a seat have gone silent and the last I checked so did the NDP official social media. So we will have to see what happens in the next election. He presents as an every day man – a true Canadian –  the new Canada that is clearly multicultural. He also introduced his wife and family to us in a similar way that Trudeau did and we wanted to know all about Mrs. Singh. It is brilliant really, and no it was not enough to win as a party but it did guaranteed a seat for Mr. Singh and we shall see how his popularity grows. Mind you, it isn’t the first time that the leader of the NDP had strong personal branding as the everyday man — Jack Layton did an amazing job of this as well as the every man of his generation.

Conservatives Party Branding …
The party that everyone officially hates but a lot of people did voted for. They are extremely unpopular by PC standards so why did many Canadians vote for them. Unofficially, the Conservatives seem to run on the idea that we are losing our traditions and belief systems. Nothing officially was said by most of the candidates in the party over all but it represented a “traditional” way of things.
Although they did post a lot on social media – it was very generic in a lot of way as they were going after Canadians who is wary of social media and so they did not market themselves in really any way – they were and are who they are and they did not explain or defend that position. It was like this is just something we have to do.

Personal Branding of Scheer …
Much like his party, he ran a traditional platform and did not really try anything different per say. He defended what he believed – it was as if he knew that he was in the right and just went with it. I took a look at his social media and it really was not a lot there. He did focus on the family man aspect but it was in a traditional way as it felt they were there to support him — not to take a seat at the table to play. Again, it was also brilliant for the demographic that they were going after. Personally in a lot of ways though, I could not get a real feel of this man.

And no, not going into the Green party and others — just going to become too long of a blog – but they also had some brilliant branding ideas so I would encourage you to look at their platforms and see what you can figure out.

So what’s the got to do with music you ask?

Figure out how you want to brand yourself – look at people you admire –

Why do you follow them?

What make you want to be inspired by them?

Then sit down and look at what you are doing branding your music and see if it fits in and if you want to change or add to it?

Not sure, send me an email natalia@pardalisstudio.com – I would love to talk. And remember this blog wasn’t about who was right or anything – it was just an observation about branding and something I believe we can learn from. That and I hope you voted for someone!  

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