Beaverette — all female punk band!

February 26, 2018

*warning swearing in this blog Been watching a local band the Beaverette on Facebook – they have a ton of energy and a great supporter of other local female artists...

*warning swearing in this blog

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Been watching a local band the Beaverette on Facebook – they have a ton of energy and a great supporter of other local female artists as well so thought I’d reach out to them to find more.. it was a great conversation! There are three great ladies in the group — Lauren Amy,
Shauna Laine Meloche, and Nicole Marie

1 How long have you guys been playing together?

Ummmmm. . . .ladies? I wrote the first Beaverette song before Beaverette existed in name I guess 2ish years ago. . . . . .east van, wait when was that big fire on the coast that made vancouver super smokey and weird? Longer than 2 years!! Geez! Time flies. It was then. . . .Beaverette began and started with a lot of awesome musicians contributing on and off until the lineup was just right! I’m not sure how long it’s been now with these ladies but it feels kind of like thats how its always been! Forever? 3 years? 10 months? I don’t know the answer! Hahahah -Lauren

Beaverette pre-dates me but I joined in May a few weeks after I moved to Vancouver from Victoria. The ladies had a show a couple weeks after I joined and I kind of just jumped in – the first gig we played I screwed up a TON and burst out laughing every single time. People just thought I was having a lot of fun though so I guess it all worked out! Plus people kept coming up to tell me I looked like the happiest drummer ever, which was hilarious given the smiles were due to errors! – Nicole

I met Lauren while playing at Blue House and was incredibly stoked to jam the Beaverette tunes when she suggested. I’d previously seen them open for some killer punk shows in Vancouver and loved it…Werewolf, Boyfriend… I can’t describe how excited I was to sing in howls. This was 1 year ago?! -Shauna

2 What would you call your style of music?

Well, I like to think it’s pretty straight up punk rock. There are 3 of us, all my songs are power chords, it’s pretty fast! And I’m definitely yelling. . .screaming? bellowing? some angry shit for a lot of it. . . .a fair amount =) – L

I’d agree with that. There’s definitely some that have elements of other genres (especially some of the newer stuff) but it seems to be pretty straight up in your face punk goodness. – N

Goodness, yes. Core, surfy, angry, funny, get-it-off-your-chest punk rock. The kind that gets you thrashing, jumping and smiling, all the while screaming out profanities. -S

3 What are your musical backgrounds. . ie. how long have you been playing, where did you study ect..

Oh sweet music. . .I grew up in a home where music was appreciated, on a trip to the UK at 8 I believe I met a great uncle who had played violin in an orchestra for many many years. I found the violin and spent the rest of the day tormenting everyone with what I imagine was a reflection of the future Beaverette tone!! Hahahaha. . . .I fell in love and insisted on joining orchestra, I played for a long time! Also played about every brass instrument, would have loved to play the drums but Mike Bryce the big bully wouldn’t let anyone else near them!!! As a teen in Hamilton I was super into going to see bands play at the local bars, and if you carried a guitar in through the back door you never got ID’d! Thanks corktown!!! I became obsessed with the Ramones. . . saw them play at copps! I remember watching rock n roll highschool and I wanted to be a ramone. . . so fucking bad! Hahahahahah So I got a bass. . . . which led to guitar. I had a few starts at some cool stuff but wanting to and doing are not the same soooooo when I was finishing university I decided it was the time. I needed creativity and fun. . . .Basicly to actually answer the question!! I studied classical violin under Ms. Splight, yes as terrifying as you imagine! But we were good!! Then got a bass and played it a bit. . .got a guitar and taught myself just about every ramones song. When I picked it up again at the beginnings of beaverette I started learning again and over the summer when I was completing my Masters (social work not music) my musically genius best friends then, 13 year old taught me a lot of really helpful stuff. I should probably learn to play the fucking guitar! That’s what this question has taught me! Hahahahaha – L

Some of my earliest memories are of my dad explaining the meanings of classic rock songs to me (well that and watching a ton of hockey). I have really vivid memories of sitting around on our living room floor while he’d play records and tell me about the artists and, as I got older, I’d start playing some of the stuff I was discovering as well. Basically all my money as a kid went to seeing shows (local ones at rec centres and many at the Croatian Cultural Centre – do kids still go to shows here? I haven’t seen one in ages but I feel like we were there all the time!). As for playing music – I brought home a flyer for piano lessons when I was a kid and from what I’m told basically insisted that this was all I ever wanted out of life. I then ended up doing going the Royal Conservatory route and did that whole thing with the practical and theory exams – I was preparing for my level 8 exam when I graduated high school and never got around to taking it. I remember at one point repeatedly playing a Fur Elise while preparing for an exam and driving my brother nuts! Still have most of that memorized. I took up drums when I was about 11 (again, harassing my parents until they let me join the school band and agreed that drumming was a good idea, which they would later regret when I started hosting band practices in our basement and the police started showing up at our door because of noise complaints). I didn’t really take it seriously or play kit drums until I was about 17 and started playing in bands. After my last band broke up in 2011 I ended up busy with other stuff and didn’t really drum at all until I joined Beaverette in 2017 so I was a bit rusty after the hiatus! Super glad to be back at it! – Nicole

I’ve been sleeping in jam spaces since the womb. Today I can still fall asleep next to the drums during a heavy metal fit. My dad played locally my whole childhood, and I can attribute most of my vocal training to him.
In school starting around 12, I took up brass and reed instruments for music theory, but always had a hard time following the rules. I played guitar and piano by ear up until then and had my own jazzy take on musical boundaries.
I’ve always been a singer and love to encourage everyone around me to sing their hearts out and know how good it is for them.
I joined my first cover band at 16, recreating Floyd, The Who, Van Halen and songs that I had absolutely no understanding of until I was quite a bit older. It’s been a decade now that I’ve been writing, singing and playing live in Vancouver.
In short, music is a long standing family tradition. Performing goes back generations and I don’t know what I’d be without it. Probably a whole lot richer…kidding, not. -S

4 As our readers are younger- what kind of advice can you give them?

Life or music? General?! Hahahah musically, I would say just fucking do it. That’s the only difference between the people on the stage and you. If you feel that connection to music where you want to create it then just fucking do it. Whatever you think you are afraid of is bullshit. If you love music and you feel it and it has passion, it will be entertaining. When you are connected to your music in a genuine way you could be hitting an icicle on a glass and it will resonate with the audience. That passion doesn’t come from being a genius musician, although a basic understanding of rhythm and a willingness to practice are kinda helpful! Try things, don’t let fear stand in your way and don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. Find friends and network to play with lots of people so you can learn, play lots of music! I’m a big fan of the sites where you search youtube and they give you the chords and play along with it. It’s kind of karaoke for musicians!! Hahaha My Ozzy is getting pretty great! – L

Don’t think about it too much. The most fun I’ve ever had in bands was where we didn’t take ourselves too seriously and just had a good time. Find someone who you click with to teach you – so many kids who take piano end up hating it because of teachers who are too militant about how it should be taught. Mine kind of maintained a “hey, it’s your time – practice if you want but don’t complain to me if you don’t get any better” attitude. I learned slower than other kids but I still love it, whereas many of my friends who also took piano haven’t played in years. And learn the theory – even if you think it has nothing to do with you. I don’t write guitar lines but I can make suggestions about chord transitions, key changes, time signatures, whatever, because I know this stuff. It’s more fun if you know what’s going on. Plus in past bands I’ve been called on to do key transposition and as a totally theory nerd I loved it! – Nicole

Don’t let anyone tell you the rules of music. There are none. Boxes have walls and corners…music is round and there are infinite possibilities. Shape whatever you want. -S

5 where can we find you online?

Facebook – Search Beaverette
Instagram – @Beaverette_Vancouver
Bandcamp –

6 do you guys have any shows coming up?

We are doing a 2 day with our friends from the island the Daisy Stranglers and The Hex at the end of Feb! We had our Van show as a house party . . and then we played on the 24th of Feb we were on the island FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!! Were really excited!! In Nanaimo we were at the aptly named Nanaimo bar. Looking forward to making some friends on the island!!! We’ve also got some other shows in the works on the Island and in Vancouver but are still finalizing details – it’s always on our instagram and facebook though so follow that for info!

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