Another artist to discover

February 18, 2020

Recently, I discovered another great artist to watch for, I especially enjoyed his music video. Allow me to introduce you to …. Beser Music Enjoy our little interview … 1....

Recently, I discovered another great artist to watch for, I especially enjoyed his music video.

Allow me to introduce you to ….

Beser Music

Enjoy our little interview …

1. Tell us about a bit about your background as a musician, how did you discover your sound?
I come from a music family, well, my mother used to be a professional singer, my dad was an engineer. Lets say he was not the most talented guy for music, but he had a good taste for it. hahaha. So my mother taught me and my brothers how to play guitar since we were young. I had multiple projects. Different band with different friends, different genres, and even play different instruments. The best one was one called SVND, we raised some money on kickstarter and we recorded an EP in Switzerland. The bad news is nothing happened after and the band split apart. So after all of this I decided to continue with music, but this time on my own. Having a band is so difficult, hahaha. So I can say that my sound comes from all of this different projects, different genres. Of course you can put Beser in a genre, but I don´t do music thinking, “I´ll do this type of music”, I always do what comes first to me. I try to be as original as possible, but this is imposible, we are always listening to music. Everywhere we go we can listen to music, so I think it is imposible to be original. I do what I feels nice to me when I am doing it. The guitar is my main instrument and the one a compose with!

2. You have a video out … tell us about the story behind it – how did you connect with the music? How did you create it?
So this is a nice story. I already had this song recorded, and I thought I wanted to release only with a video. So I was traveling in Canada and I went to this bar and met two guys. While they were talking they said, do you remember the time we used to do music videos? and I thought, this guys are the ones. So I contacted one of them, cause the other told me he was not doing this anymore. I told him about the project, and he asked me if he could listen to the song. I sent it to him, he said he loved it, and that it was better than what he expected from me, hahahah. So then we got together and started talking about the song. It was great, because he told me everything he was thinking with the song and I told him he was completely right. That the song was all this things he was saying. So I think we understood each other really good and we end up doing this video. 

3. Where can we purchase your album?

So, I don´t have an album yet. At the moment I am just releasing singles. I feel like the music thing now a days is to release singles. Of course I want to do an album, but I don’t even know if I am ready for this. To call an album an album, for me it is a really hard work. You have to have a connection between all of the songs. Let´s say you want a 10 songs album, then you have to have 10 songs that have certain connection between them. I think a whole album is a big thing, a big big job! Anyways, you can find Beser in all platforms. You can purchase the songs on iTunes and listen to them on the main platforms. 

4. Do you have any shows coming out?

At the moment I am in Germany, I am trying to find some things here. I haven’t booked anything yet cause I want this video and single to be out first. January 31st is the release date, and I have been busy with this. So after this I will start doing the booking job!
5. Where should we add you social media?
So everywhere you can find me as @besermusic !!!
This is the link to the new video: 
This to the song on all platforms:

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