A tribute to a Diva!

February 14, 2012

A Tribute to a Diva This past weekend, we were all shocked that Whitney Houston had died. Since there has been speculations on how this great singer past away– was...

A Tribute to a Diva

This past weekend, we were all shocked that Whitney Houston had died. Since there has been speculations on how this great singer past away– was it drugs? Alcohol?  Combination? Heart? The media has taken full swing at Ms. Houston on speculating what caused her death. I found a lot  of the discussion in different media articles to be almost rude to her passing. I can’t imagine what her daughter must be going through reading all of that.

Lynn Crosbie said in her article entitled Triumph to Tragedy: the death of a diva in the Globe and Mail, “She was in pain: she hurt. How does this concern us?” It does concern us because – we helped create this diva! We bought her albums, watched her movies and loved her from afar. Also even the title – is a death a tragedy or just moving on a different existence?

And then Ms. Crosbie decided to compare Whitney to Judy Garland which really irritated me. She seems to imply that Ms. Garland’s drugs issues were somehow Judy’s fought. 1st, Judy and Whitney were so different as performances and singers – one can not compare them at all – just cause they both died at 48 years old and perhaps of drug issues – the two cases are so different. Judy Garland died of a drug overdose because since she was only 14 years old – her doctors – yes her doctors gave her everything from diet pills, to calmers, to uppers, – you name she was on it and they would often tell her to have a shot of bourbon with it to help calm herself. Ms. Houston suffered a personal pain – one that the public never learnt what it was exactly …but from my experiences in life a pain like that cause that much self-destruction is was quite deep rooted – which made her a better singer sadly cause she could tell a story like very few. She used drugs to try to forget is my speculation. And then Ms. Crosbie also said that Judy and Whitney were often the blunt of the media – don’t they say “BS” about everyone? Moe from the Three Stogies once said, “if the media starts to like you, you’re in trouble.”

More over – where were all these people who at the Grammy’s said, “I loved her so much –I’m going to miss her.” Maybe if the producers were less interested in making quick money off of her they could have helped to deal with what that rooted pain was. I never really saw much support from the powers to be in the industry? But then again who have they ever really helped?

I also believe that the public made have made the situation worse by giving her this “angel diva look” as Ms. Houston once said, “I am nobody’s angel … I can get raunchy.” Many performances who become stereotyped will go overboard in proving they aren’t what the public believes they are. Perhaps, if people just stopped trying to be “SOMETHING” and started being themselves – we wouldn’t have these issues.! This attitude of being something you aren’t is horrible. Over the years, morons in the music business have told me how they felt I should create my music and present myself.  When I would attempt their “suggestions” I felt awkward, and more over fake – I can’t imagine what Whitney felt trying to be that “angel.”  It is a shame that Whiney did not have the will power to be herself – not an angel and not raunchy. Just imagine where her music might have gone! When Beyonce performances she said she doesn’t perform but rather Sasha Fierce – personally I’d rather see Beyonce perform – maybe we’d hear more of her beautiful soprano voice instead of an over processed unreal machine. This is a lesson for anyone – not just people with entertainment inspirations – people will think what they think of you – so stop worrying and be yourself. Some people will like you, hate you, dislike you, love you – but at least you can be comfortable with yourself and like yourself. Life too short!

But sadly, drugs are not limited to the rich and famous – we all know people affected by drugs … is it any different? Maybe worse – to the poor immigrant mother who son dies of a drug overdose and she doesn’t understand why or how? And rather than public forgiveness instead everyone says, “he was a crack head what do you expect?” So let the Whitney’s, Judy’s, and Michael’s who gave us so much but could let go themselves some peace. Would they have died without drug issues? Who are we to know?  Maybe … My great-uncle always said, “If your number’s up, it’s up!”

Anyhow that’s my rant!

Here’s some whiney at her best


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