BC Music Fund Renewal

January 23, 2018

  I received an email today from Music BC that a coalition of members of the BC music industry  are working hard for the renewal of the BC Music Fund...


I received an email today from Music BC that a coalition of members of the BC music industry  are working hard for the renewal of the BC Music Fund …. but they are asking for the support and help from us — everyday Canadians. Here is the letter (below) …. I have written a letter to my MLA Bruce Ralston and will let you know of the outcome my letter as well!

Grants play such a huge role in future of Canadian Music. For those who are unsure of the value of grants — think of it this way …

1. If you own a business, do you want to receive small business grants? As Artists — the selling of their art (regardless of its form) is a business and deserves that equal opportunity.

2. Business owners will often bring investors into their business — grants as that. What is the payout for the investment? The better the artist does international — the better Canada looks ….. I hope each and everyone of you can write a letter. thank you! 

Dear Music Industry Colleagues:

A coalition of members of the BC music industry is working hard to secure the renewal of the BC Music Fund. We are asking for you to help us.

Established in February of 2016, the first two years saw tremendous uptake and support for BC artists, recording studios and industry professionals. There was so much demand that some programs were oversubscribed. As we celebrate the successes and catalogue lessons learned from the first grant, it is now time to work together and secure a renewal.

Through the support of the BC music industry, we were able to secure a recommendation of fund renewal in the report from the all political party selection Standing Committee on Finance. That recommendation is now with Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Lisa Beare, Finance Minister Carole James and the rest of Premier Horgan’s cabinet to consider.

It is our job now to remind the government that without its support, the BC music industry will once again be at risk of losing key industry assets, will lose momentum for projects such as the Vancouver Music City strategy, and that there will be no funds to support emerging artists from across BC. We need to make it clear that we need to keep BC’s recording studios and live performance stages as busy in future years as they have been this year!

How can you help?

Please send a personal letter of support to your MLA for the renewal of the BC Music Fund and continued support of the BC Music Strategy.

Below are some key messages you may want to use in your letter. If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Alex Grigg

Executive Director

Music BC Industry Association


Key messages we suggest you include in your letter in your own words:

· The BC Music Fund is an initiative that the industry advocated for extensively over many years and is something that the industry sees as imperative to the sustainability of the music sector in British Columbia.

· How you or your company specifically benefitted from the BC Music Fund. (E.g., funding received and specific business opportunities created through the funding)

Other messages you may want to reflect in your own words in your letter:

· The BC Music Fund has created momentum for the industry and in our province, providing much needed support for BC artists and musicians, record labels, recording studios and live music companies. A renewed stand-alone commitment to music through a dedicated fund will keep that momentum going for musicians, the broader industry and our communities.

· The BC music industry is not only a cultural asset for BC but also a job creator, an economic driver and a technology based industry. These are clean, green and often high-tech jobs.

· Through the BC Music Fund, BC government investment has been multiplied many-fold by the leverage of private dollars and a greater share of federal funding.

How to Address your letter:

Your MLA: link to MLA finder on Leg.bc.ca (https://www.leg.bc.ca/Pages/BCLASS-Search-Community.aspx?PlaceFirstLetter=A&)


Hon. Lisa Beare, Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture lisa.beare.MLA@leg.bc.ca

Hon. Carole James, Minister of Finance carole.james.MLA@leg.bc.ca

CC: Alex Grigg, Music BC alex@musicbc.org

Amy Terrill, Music Canada aterrill@musiccanada.com

Please send a pdf version to savarell@musiccanada.com for our collection and records so that we can identify any gaps in our outreach.

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