As I start to write this a bunch of sayings about educators came to mind

In recent weeks there has been political and media discussions about what educators should or shouldn’t be doing – I’m not going to go into that but will say why I am driven to be a music educator.

I believe I have two jobs as a music educator

1. Create lifetime ability for the appreciation and creation of music regardless of career choices.

2. Create leaders of tomorrow through teaching them music.

And as our students prep for festival season, I realize these words are even more important. So how do we try to make sure that our students have the right environment to create those skills?

1. We create a support system where students are sharing their music with each other and giving feedback.

2. We share that music isn’t about playing loud or soft at the right time but rather telling a story through the means of different expressions.

3. Understanding that hard work can be enjoyable and never take ourselves too seriously so if we mess up understand why and grow from it.

4. Understand that the only person that you should compete with is yourself – always be supportive of others’ music regardless where they are on their journey as a musician.

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So to conclude in the words of Socrates: “I cannot teach anyone anything, I can only make them think”