Over the past few years, I’ve been watching a wonderful local singer Marlie Collins. You might remember her from the lead in the Arts Club production of Xanadu the Musical. We’ve worked together a few times and had a ball every time, she has this wonderful energy and is hilarious.

1. Tell us about your new album – did you write the songs?

Well this album has been in the works for about 4 or 5 years now! Yes did write these songs and they are all about one person;) I started writing them when I was singing in Vietnam- I decided to commit to these songs and finish them. When I came back after being in Vietnam for 6 month there was a lot of transition in my life and I started to collaborate with other artists and the songs started to come alive. I brought in my musician friends who became my band and the songs slowly turned into what they are now.

2. I saw you got funded by Factor – can you tell us a little about the process as many of our readers are considering applying for grants

I received an Artist Development Grant- a small grant to help towards recording an EP. It’s great if you are starting out and it helped out a lot at the time! The process was long- had a lot of writing but it was worth it to try because the more grants you write the better you get at it!

3. What was your favourite part of recording this project – which is your favourite song? The Music Video for Baby on the Sidewalk – is so much fun – you are even rapping in it – what is the story behind this song? How did you develop the story behind it?

My favorite part of recording was being in the studio with everyone and listening to the tracks together and see how it is coming together. I remember getting so excited to finally listen to theses songs that initially were just an idea I sang in my living room! I remember tears of joy coming down my face.
My favorite songs switches from time to time- Right I would say it is “Come back to me” – Gospel/bluesy vibes are my favorite.

Baby on the sidewalk was an actual story- I tell it live before we sing it. Four Years ago I was the maid of honor at my sisters wedding and myself and the bridesmaids were in a care going to get out nails done when we saw a woman pushing her raddy stroller into the street. It was a very busy street! So one of the girls in the back said “LADY GET YOU BABY ON THE SIDEWALK!” and instantly I said “That’s a hit” and joke sang “Get your baby on the sidwallk”. It was an inside joke the whole wedding and I turned it into a song a year later! I like to make funny songs☺

4. When is your next show? 

Right now I am taking the summer to write more, relax and get my online presence up and work on more music videos! So my next show won’t be until maybe August or September.

5. Many of our readers are artists just starting out – what kind of advice can you give them?

My advice- COLLABORATE! Keep at it and keep writing and love yourself through the process:)

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