Looking for a place in East Van to reherse? I had the opportunity to talk to Brent at Faceplant who shared with me that they have been a rehersal and recording space open since 1992. It is a great place.

They are located near 1st and Clarke East Vancouver within spitting distance of east van sign and have very reasonable prices $200 for 4 hour sessions that includes everything.

They have a lot different local artists over the years from Pointed Sticks, Richard Duguay, The Dead Cats, Mike Rowe and Royal Grand Prix. These are literally only a few – there was a much longer list.

I asked if they were any famous artists have rehearsed at the studios?

Such a cutie

Brent answered: “Narduar has had guests like Jello Biafra from Dead Kennedys and Greg Ginn from Black Flag in. Plus a million others who have used Faceplant to demo and jam out ideas.”

They also have an adorable cat






If you are interested in booking some rehearsal space – hit them up off their website

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