Practicing Over Christmas Break

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So this will be in two parts – one for parents and one for advance students and professional artists

So Parents ….

As my many blogs and podcasts have discussed – practicing can be difficult in the sense of it can become a parent/child issue and can become a hateful discussion over Christmas Break.

So what did we do at Pardalis Studio – our students are under strict orders to play Christmas Carols to mom and dad while they prep for the holidays. Play for Grandma and Grandfather when they visit and basically enjoy as much Christmas Music as there is a limited window for Christmas Music. Our younger students also received musical December Advent Calendars (the students don’t know this but if they bring it back completed in Jan, they will receive a prize). And other students received holiday activities. Basically it was an opportunity for students to keep learning but in a different creative matter but not in their daily practice schedule. Our students have been very busy practicing over the past few months and deserve a break too.

Want your child to do some fun musical activities over the break – here’s a great site for some sheets

Now for the Advance Students …

Sooo …. You can look at it in two different lights

1. Get a head start on material before festivals and exams so make a detail practice schedule with your teacher of what you can work on during the break

2. Or and be honest – is this a time for a much needed break? Don’t feel bad if you take some of the two weeks off but make sure you discuss this with your teacher so s/he can plan accordingly.

Theses points work for professional artists too – rest is equally as important as training on your instrument. Taking time off will create internal learning of the material you have learnt and you won’t become burnt out.

Looking for a detail practice plan for Xmas break – we can help you – hit us up at


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