Music EducationPardalis Studio COVID19 Update

March 16, 2020by Natalia Pardalis

Dear Parents/Students/Concert Goers

As there have been some concerns about the COVID19 situation, we decided to drop you a quick line. As our lessons and classes are either small groups or one-on-one sessions which are way below the province’s rules of gathering sizes, there is no need to cancel any sessions unless the student is ill or a family member is experiencing an illness. We will be requiring all our students to wash their hands before and after a session, as well as any instruments that are used, piano etc will be wiped down before and after each session.

We understand everyone’s concerned so we are offering online lessons using zoom for those who wish to do so. It is an app that can be downloaded on your phone or tablet, so we can continue lessons during this crisis. We want to be as consistent as possible with lessons and we ask that our students continue to practice regularly as they will need to have continuity moving forward.

Most of you have already spoke to us individually but we wanted to be proactive in these difficult times and bring everyone onto the same page.

For our students registered for festival, we have been in communication with the festival, and they are monitoring the situation carefully and will inform us of any changes.

We are following all public health advisories and will be in constant communication through social media, phone, text and email.

Lastly, we will be presenting an online concert series with performances from all around the world to bring a little joy in this difficult time. We will be announcing more very soon.  #voiceofhope

Thank you for your continued support,

Staff of Pardalis Studio
Natalia, Akylina, Jaedyn, and Angela


If music is the food love, play on ~ William Shakespeare