Written by Amber Leigh

Edited by Alyssa Von Wittgenstein


Many musicians – locally and in other provinces  are currently in the same position as British Columbian Musician Peter Tam during the CBC Searchlight competition. Everyone is waiting for round one to finish like a piece of art at an auction. So place your bids or in this case, go vote!

Musicians such as Peter Tam; see the CBC Searchlight as an opportunity, a stepping stone towards larger goals, such as a Juno. The competition is now partnered with the Juno awards which gives more incentive to submit repertoire and increased probability of making goals more attainable. 

Opportunities if applicants are successful include a Juno Master Class, Juno awards experience, recording perks (a week in Calgary at the National Music Centre) and the chance to perform at the 2020 CBC Music Festival. 

The CBC website describes the Searchlight as:

“CBC Music’s long-running hunt for Canada’s undiscovered musical talent, judged by a combination of audience voting and a panel of celebrity judges, who represent a cross-section of the best that the Canadian music industry has to offer.” (CBC, 2020)

To support musicians whom have entered votes are easily cast at:


Simply click on the VOTE section and type in the name of the musician of your choice. Follow the prompts and support the Canadian Music Scene. Your fellow musicians thank you! 

Local Maple Ridge Musician Peter Tam will be performing in Vancouver at “Chi Chi” (88 Pender Street; located beside “Caveman Café”) in the International Village Mall on Friday February 14th 2020 at 7:00pm. The performance will follow the cut off for the first round of voting in the CBC-Music Searchlight competition.

Stay updated on Peter Tam’s Journey on the CBC Searchlight, upcoming performances and his involvement in the local community by visiting his website at:


This Valentine’s day- you could stay in and watch a classic on Netflix with friends or if you would like to experience some smooth-pop-jazz love song classics; come check out the “Peter Tam – Jazz Quarte”. Tickets can be purchased at:


However you decide to enjoy your Friday night– love is love; live music or hanging out at home both sound great!! Sending positive thoughts to fellow musicians currently waiting in round one of the CBC Searchlight. 

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