So I’ve been racking my mind (while dealing with this horrible flu) on the best way to approach the “wonderful” comments from Recording Academy President Neil Portnow suggesting that women need to “step up” and Grammy telecast producer Ken Ehrlich feeling that, “it’s not for me to talk about, I produced the TV show.” (Variety)

This whole situation bothers me on multiple levels and I’ll admit totally personally (being a woman who takes her art seriously) but I didn’t want to make it an emotional response.

As well, I believe that when Portnow later said he didn’t explain himself properly – he was just literally just trying “cover his butt” as the saying says….

As well – there have been some breathtaking responses (see links below) and I don’t believe that I would be able to say it as well as Pink especially did!

It also got me thinking about countless incredible talented artists who never get the credit they deserve

So my response …..

The system is flawed and we need to part of the movement to create a change … so more artists can win a Juno or Grammy.

So how can we get the powers to be to “step up” and start giving recognition to more artists that deserve it

1. Find a cool song on youtube? Like it! Share It! Download it!! Don’t just download albums from artists like Beyonce. Remember she wouldn’t be who she is without people buying her music. And remember the more you support an indi artist – the more music they can create! For you!!

2. Support live music venues! When friends invite you out to a live music show – don’t ask who is playing – just go support! I’ve found the coolest bands that way. And remember – the more you support – the more the venues will book cool artists. For you!!

3. Find a cool artist — add their profile on Spotify and other streaming sites and listen to their music. The more you – the more chances for these artists to get into playlists.

4. This is a big one ….. like an indi band or artist — call main stream radio stations and request their music. They won’t like it but hey no one like to be  called out on the fact that they basically only play 10 songs lol And how many are those songs are by Canadian artists? See my past blog below on that!

Canadian Music Week and the future of Canadian Music


So let’s challenge the big wigs to “step up” and supporting great music. Let’s do our part to make the music industry a thriving machine pumping out great music. As the Seekers put it: “The times, they are a changing!”




Thank you Pink!

Some more great responses

Canadian Juno Response



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