Ever get started the week right with practicing and then mid-week something changes amd you can’t focus?

Here’s some tips that will help you focus:

1. Get up earlier. You will be super tired the firat day but will sleep earlier (don’t be tempted to take a nap). It will be easier to practise earlier when you are fresh and you dont have to worry about practicing the rest of the day.

2. Make your bed right when you wake up. You have already accomplished something. Feeling accomplished will help you focus on your materiel.

3. Make a schedule of what you want to accomplish this week. Talk to your teacher to help you make a more focused plan. Make a check list. Nothing more satisfying than checking off something off a list.

4. Be patience with yourself. Your work or school was crazy this week? Plan accordingly. Talk to your teacher to help plan arround it.

Hope these mid-week tips help!