I get asked this a lot lately by parents and so thought I’d share some ideas
This blog is directed for parents of students between ages of 3-9 years old.

Image result for francis clark music educationMusic Educator Francis Clark (my mother’s teacher) once said: “Practicing the piano (can subitite any instrument or voice here) is like brushing your teeth. Children intend to practice but they want to.” So what does this mean? Especially if you have an independent child or don’t know anything about music yourself – it is difficult.

I am beginning to sound like a broken record but first sit down with your child’s teacher and converse on his/her goals for your child and your goals as well. Feel free to take notes at your child’s lesson. As well your child’s teacher will probably write notes of what needs to practice during the week so between the two, you will have a better idea of what needs to be cover.

Be sure to make practice part of your family’s schedule – if it isn’t planned – it won’t happen. Try different times to figure out when it will be best. Some children focus better in the morning and other in the evening and still yet some students do better when the practice is split up during the day.

Lastly and I can’t say it enough – for music education to work – think of a triangle — your child is the top and the bottom two points is you and your child’s teacher. It is only when the three work together that your child will progress.

Need more ideas? Go through my past blogs for great ideas or still, give me a call 604-783-4091 I always enjoy help parents find a way of making sure that practice time is a time of inspirational 

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