Over the past few years, a young singer by the name of Maya Rae has been making waves around the lower mainland. I first came across Maya on the first season of Cyber Academy where I served as the mentor. I found her to be a bright young singer with a great future ahead of her. I thought I’d catch up with the young singer and see what she is up to!

1. How old were you when you decided to start singing?

I was about 9 when I started singing lessons, and that was when I really started to have a deep passion for singing.

2. Who are your favourite singers?

I have a ton of different artists that I listen to, however some of my all time favourite vocalists include: Ella Fitzgerald, Colbie Caillait, Gregory Porter, Christina Aguilera, and India Arie.

3. What was your first professional show?

My first professional show was on June 7, 2014 in Vancouver for the In The House Festival. Here is a link to that performance:

4. Are you coming out with any new material soon?

I am very excited to announce that I am currently working on a new album for this year! It will most likely be composed of about half original/ cowrites and the other half being covers. For some of the cover songs, I’m taking some pretty classic jazz songs and making them totally unique and different, so I am super excited to share it with everyone.

5. As many of our readers are younger and it is festival season – what kind of advice can you give them in their preparation in a stressful season – juggling music with school etc?

As I am also getting ready for the intense festival season ahead, I think it’s really important to be focussed and prepared way in advance of the performance date. I have already decided on my set lists many months prior to festival season, so that I am totally prepared for the shows to come. This helps me stay calm, and not get stressed before a show because I am so prepared (as at the end of the day, music should only bring joy and happiness to us:). As I too have to juggle my music with schooling, something that I have found very useful is getting all of my school work done way before it is due (and mentioning to my teachers that I have a very busy couple of months coming up because of my music), to ensure that when the time comes, I can solely focus on prepping for my music shows.

If you want to check this singer (who’s only 15 years old btw) — check out her show tommorrow at Shadbolt Centre for the Arts


Be sure to keep up with all of her news on her website