Music EducationFestival Season is over for another year

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Every January, our studio’s focus shifts into festival mode …. it means extra practices and workshops. Our students focus on developing their weaker skills to do well in festivals. They learn how to deal with nerves, others’ nerves, and a zillion other details. It is an intense period in our education department as everyone is excited/nervous in anticipation.

Then just as it comes — festival is done for another year. Our students are wiser and have a greater understanding of themselves and their abilities. We are proud of each and everyone of them for their maturity and grace.

We would like to Congratate each and everyone of our students and their parents for all their hard and dedication to Music and the Performing Arts

So how did our students do ..

18 Gold

14 Silver

5 Bronze

2 Scholarships

2 Medallions

We are also proud to announce that Jaedyn Hallier was selected to represent Vancouver Kiwanis at the Provincials. It is a proud moment for Pardalis Studio — Jaedyn started lessons with us when she was only 7 years old and is also our dance instructor.

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So what are our students up to now?

Brushing up for RCM examinations and our annual showcase in June …. and a suprise project that we will announcing very soon.