Artist InterviewsDot Mp3 – Vancouver Hip Hop

January 8, 2020by Natalia Pardalis

In September 2019, Pardalis Studio started having open mic afternoon at Cuatro Coffee in Surrey BC. It has been a great a way to meet wonderful artists in the lower mainland. We are excited to continue them — last Saturday of each month. Come down on Sat Jan 25th!

One group that came down in 2019 was Dot Mp3 …. I really enjoyed their performance so wanted to find out more about them … I hope you enjoy this little interview I did with them

  1. Tell us about your group – how did you come up with the name?

Dot Mp3 is a Richmond based Asian Canadian artist collective officially founded in the summer of 2018. The group serves to give a voice and feeling of growing up in the suburbs and working in the city and to inspire the next generation of artists from Vancouver as well as asian artists everywhere. Our music ranges from indie rock, bedroom pop, r&b, funk and hip hop. We came up with the name because we mostly make our music on the computer. We always share mp3 files so we decided to name our band Dot Mp3

2. Who is in the group? What are your musical backgrounds? How did you come together?

Band Members
Paco (Music Producer) – Plays guitar and piano. Started producing music when he was 19.

Mal (Vocalist) – Plays guitar and bass. Started rapping and singing in 2018.

Joe (Vocalist) – Started rapping and singing in 2018

3. What inspires you as a group and motivate you guys?

Freedom inspires us. Being an artist means to be free. We can say whatever we want and be whoever we want. We’re finally realizing what our potential is and what we can be.s you?

4. When is your next show?

We are currently not booked for any shows.

Natalia – Well, I don’t think this is for long — these guys have a great sound!

5. Where can we find you on social media?

Facebook: @dotmp3online
Instagram: @dotmp3online
Spotify, Apple Music: Dot Mp3