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A big issue that artists seem to always struggle with is how to classify themselves … so often than not artists will be asked what genre are you by agents or managers and producers will try to get artists to classify themselves. I don’t know how many times I am asked myself.

After spending about 10 years trying to figure out what to classify myself – I’ve learnt this …

1. You shouldn’t pick a style and then try to create it – instead focus on creating music and allow the music to create the style.

2. Your style will grow and change over the time if you keep studying and experimenting – you will not grow as an artist – I’m not going to mention any names but I’m sure we can all think of certain bands that no matter what album you listen to — everything all sounds the same.

3. Don’t just study one style of music …. Learn as much as you can about different styles so you can create something different and unique. Remember all the greats didn’t just copy their peers or artists from the past – they were always growing and changing.

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