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One thing that I’m always hearing from artists is – “I try to do projects but everyone is flaky.”

Here’s some tips I’ve learn over the years ….

1. Get to know someone before working with him or her

2. Always have a written one pager agreement of the project and the consequences if one person is flaky

3. Always have a backup plan so if things don’t go as planned you have a way to salvage the plan

4. Be upfront with someone if they aren’t holding up their end up, the other person might not be aware that they aren’t working at a level you want or use to. Open communication is necessary

As well, don’t be afraid to step away – not every collaboration will work and it doesn’t mean that it is a bad thing – don’t feel bad.
Remember failure isn’t a bad thing, it means you are learning for success.

Lastly, a good friend reminded me of something — keep hustling and creating and the right people will come.

Reminds me of Budist saying …

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