Although we thought that once Kiwanis Festival would be over, things would settle down for the studio …. things have been just as busy so blogging has taken a back burner as we focused on on community involvement …..

For those following our CEO Natalia Pardalis’ instagram (@natavivi) and our studio’s instagram (@pardalisstudio), you would have seen that we participated in two wonderful events — They were both incrediable events and such worthy causes.

Natalia’s experiences:

Sleep Out: Mothers or Daughters Sleep Out to Support Homless Youth at Covenant House

So what was it like to sleep out on the street? I quite nervous going in as I’ve only camped out once in my life but the wonderful staff at Convenant House really made us comfortable. Going in, I didn’t think that I was going to be able to sleep but I quickly nodded off. I can see why so many youth stated that when they went to Convenant House that that they felt like they were home. I was also touched by the Vancouver Police come by and drop off delicious chocolate for us. Having said that though, I couldn’t imagine actually sleeping on the street without support or warm clothing as even though it was a beautiful night the wind was very cold. Imagine if had been raining or snowing? I am still touched by all the amazing donations everyone gave in our team’s name Diaspora.  Thank you

As well, I couldn’t have asked for such an amazing team of wonderful ladies …

Vancouver’s Investors Group Walk for Alzheimer’s

Pardalis Studio had the wonderful opportunity to sponor the live entertainment at their annual walk. It was a beautiful day at such wonderful spot Vancouver. We were behind Science World at Creekside Community Centre with a wonderful view of the ocean and the downtown skyline. We have such a beautiful city. I was touched on how many people walked and how much they raised to provided support and research for this disease. I have had family members and friends touched by this disease. This foundation does such wonderful and necessary work.  We posted quite a few pictures on our instagram so be sure to go check them out.

Our dance instructor Jaedyn Hallier waiting to go on stage


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