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Amrik Singh

Just had a great conversation with indi record label owner Amrik Singh about record labels and what they are up to at their label Beringer Records.
So for starters I asked Amrik what the difference was between him and a “big time” label such as EMI or Sony. This is what Amrik explained: “My record label doesn’t receive funding or support from the major labels. As an independent label we have much more leeway in deciding who we work with. In case no-one knows, indi labels possess magical abilities and can do everything. Here, hold my beer…”  haha too funny! I then asked him why he decided to start a label at a time when “music isn’t selling.” Amrik explained: “To bring together like-minded artists and musicians for the singular purpose of supporting the arts.” Such a great answer … I really believe that if more artists collaborate together, we will be able to create more sustainable arts scene in both Vancouver and Canada for the future.

He also told me some exciting news that he also has a new “recording studio” attached to the record label – creating almost a one stop shop for artists. “Our A&R Coordinator, Travis Skjolde (Skjolde Recordings) works out of several professional studios in and around Vancouver. Depending on the project (ie. budget) we have some degree of flexibility where we can track. And since all of our projects are recorded LOF right to cassette tape on a professional grade original Sony CFS-45 we’re able to provide quick turnaround time for our artists. We’ve got the latest and greatest USB flash drives available on the market!” Amrik explained. I’ve been listening to Travis’ stuff … very cool sound!

So what artists are they working with …. Amrik answered: “We’ve been colluding with Kellen Saip and Bridges to Royal, plus many more we’ve been slowing serving the Kool-aid to.” I had the opportunity to interview Bridges to Royal in my old days at Hello Vancity. Great guys with a great sound ….

Can’t wait to hear this new album.
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Beringer Record’s website

Here’s a sample of Kellen Saip

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