Before I started writing a blog — I use to use notes on FB for my blog (does anyone still use those) I went through today looking for something and found this one! It was a great one so thought I’d share it.

For my students: Use of Head Voice

Dena (an old student)  and I were discussing what is head voice and how many pop singers have trouble using it
here is an excellent example of Christina Aguilera having trouble getting into her head voice:

She does use her head voice but always has some trouble live moving into it.
See how how there is sense of uncomfortable movement has she moves into head voice (though i must say this is life! BRAVE lol not sure if i like this new song though)
part of the reasons:
her shoulders are tense, u can see them move forward not allowing her lungs to be able to full
jaw — she uses the smile way too soon … affecting her pitch and vowels causing tension
She holds alot of tension in neck …. she’s tries to get rid of it by leaning forward only temporary removing the tension
Overall though, this is not a bad performance … but not something that should be coming for a singer of her status.


Now here’s a singer who moves smoothly and effortless into his  head voice: Michael Buble

He starts in his chest voice rich and “spoken” and then moves into his mix range and then later moves into his head voice … but you never noticed. Excellent technique!

Can anyone do this? Any style? yes!! Techique!!!