I just came across an absolutely adorable duo called Flora Fauna. They recently released an EP called Sweet Tooth. When I listen to their music, it makes me think of the 1920s, I just want to wear my flapper dress and put on red lipstick and go to a speakeasy. Who’s up for a Dirty Martini in a tea cup? If anyone is looking for music for a film that era – look no further! What I also liked that about their sound is that also was very modern sounding — reminder of where we are from and where we are going. Love it!



So I sat with Alexia and Dodi and found out a bit about their band ….





I wasn’t surprised at all to learn a lot about their influences – from Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Lumineers, White Stripes/ Jack White, Neutral Milk Hotel, and many more. Influences like that can only create an original sound. I believe as well – their multi-cultural background helps create their unique sound and feel. Alexa’s family back ground is mostly Ukrainian, British and Meti and Dodi’s family backgound is German and French. Canada is all about the beauty of different cultures coming together to create something new – something uniquely Canadian and Flora Fauna is totally that.

As many of you know, back in November we did a whole focus on Canadian Music, the politics, the unique sound etc. and our students produced a Canadian Music Concert for Canadian Music Week (last week of November) so I couldn’t think of better question to ask the ladies how to stand out of the crowd as a Canadian Artists. “Have your own sound!” They told me: “Whether it’s using certain effects or no effects at all, do things that have not been done, or done very seldom.” Such a great answer and considering their unique sound – they stand out of the crowd.

Since many of our followers are music students, I thought I’d asked Alexia and Dodi what kind of words of advice that they can give to young artists who are starting out. “The best advice we can give is to practice!, and always play with emotion, also to jam as jamming is very useful and can teach you how to work with different musicians, styles as well as learning from other musicians and improvising.” What a great answer !

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