I just had a chance to listen to Cayla Brooke’s new album PLUSH RED CHAIR. It remind of the classic sounds of Elvis to modern smooth jazz sound of European artists such as Paloma Faith and Caro Emerald.

It is a refreshing sound –  in a time when lot of artists concerned of genre and end up box themselves into a limited sound – Cayla was not afraid to explore new sounds and styles creating a unique sound for herself. It was very refreshing to hear especially here in Vancouver. I was so glad when my student (local actress) Jacqueline Burrows brought in Cayla’s CD. Jacqueline had been part of an original theatre project that Cayla had written.

What I was surprised to learn that this is Cayla’s first original musical project. Although Cayla has been singing for years. Cayla though had grew up singing other people’s music, beginning her professional career at the age of 14. It was as an adult; however, and her discovery of the late Eva Cassidy’s legacy of music that was the game changer for her. She related to the singer’s fusion of jazz, folk and gospel. Cayla felt a kindred spirit with the late artist and was compelled to tell her story. She wrote a script, gathered some of Vancouver’s finest musicians and rented a theatre. After critical acclaim and sold out houses Brooke felt the need to share her own story. Her debut album Plush Red Chair, being released at an age when most artists are slowing down, does just that. The album of ten original songs (co written by Cayla and producer Bill Sample) pieces together personal moments from Brookes life. It tells stories of heartbreak, love, survival and the indelible nature of the human spirit. I love when artists write what they experience as it is always connectable and much more fulfilling as a listener. During the writing and recording of Plush Red Chair, Cayla found a new sense of purpose. “Society tells us that once we reach a certain age we’re done. We have so much to offer! So many of us are folding up when we’re just about to blossom. I say, unless we’re boots up, it ain’t over!” Cayla wrote on her website – love it!!

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All Photo from Ms. Brooke’s website


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